Duplicate emails only on mobile app

desktop version 9 (newest) is fine

I think because I have to initiate sync. I don’t think push sync is working on mobile yet.

Overall, I am liking this mobile client better than most. Very nice interface, nothing really hidden and undiscoverable.

Duplicates only on mobile app.

Normally the only time ive seen duplicate mail arriving in any mail client is if you are using a eg: POP account and the mail client looses connection and then starts again downloading till fully completed so will duplicate mail again.

But if you dont have a POP account or you are not loosing connection to your server then you shouldn’t be getting duplicates on the mobile app unless your server mailbox has duplicates in it.

I think because I have to initiate sync. I don’t think push sync is working on mobile yet.

You shouldnt normal have to manually sync the desktop client to get the mobile app to get push notifications. Thats usually an automatic process.

The latest eM CIient iOS V10.0.1146 via Testflight supports "push mail from your mail server to eM CIient via an option slider “in the account setup itself”.

So make sure your you are using the latest eM CIient iOS app, and also that you have enabled push notifications in each account in the mobile app.

Now if you have already enabled Push notifications, suggest to update in this thread what type of mail account it is eg: IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud, and also your iOS device version.

Ps My own eg: Gmail, Outlook & Yahoo IMAP accounts get push mail on iPhone and iPad within a couple seconds or so with the latest eM CIient app and iOS 17.4.

The desktop app was taking up too much memory running and so for the moment I’ve uninstalled it, but the mobile app looks really interesting. When it’s out of beta, I think I’ll look at it again.

Thank you for all your help and suggestions.