Duplicate Emails in Unread Mail

eM Client was working great up until I downloaded all messages for offline use (to facilitate better search functionality). 

Since then, I now get duplicate emails in my unread smart folder. For example: one unread email for the “inbox” and the same unread email for “all mail”. 

This is using version 6.0.21040.0 with gmail/imap

A simple solution: 
Allow the “Unread” folder to be customized by the end user to include/exclude folders so I can just uncheck the “All Mail” folder(s) to avoid it from being included. 

Hi Ryan, this issue is unfortunately caused by the Gmail labelling system. Each time your server receives a message, google assigns it with a bunch of different labels (such as unread, all mail, starred, etc.). Unfortunately these labels are only supported in Gmail’s interface and for IMAP connections or IMAP email clients, the messages will be shown multiple times.

Each time Gmail assigns the label to your message, it also creates a new UID for your email, since we don’t support labels, eM Client only see new mail each with a different UID e.g. different emails. 

Only way how to avoid this currently would be disabling your All Mail folder for IMAP connections in your Gmail settings.

Hope this helps,

Works for me…

I find the Unread email includes All Mail and the Inbox and any other label so often I get 3 of which only 1 I can control with GMAIL rules. whereas alll Mail and Inbox require adding special rules that I cannot figure out as the “All Mail” label  under Unread Mail folder cannot be customized or disabled, AFAIK

Live Mail supports selected Gmail labelled folders under the IMAP settings for synchronization.
EM mail does not.