Duplicate emails in All Inboxes folder, for a G-suite mailbox

I have several IMAP accounts with Gsuite, gmail (personal) and other mail services, all configured in eM Client.

One of my two Gsuite (Google Workplace) accounts shows every mail in duplicate in the All Inboxes folder. But no duplicates show in the Inbox folder of that Imap account.
If I delete one of the duplicates, they both disappear, which validates that this is some kind of indexing or display issue. Also if I read one, a few seconds later the duplicate becomes marked ‘read’.

incidentally, my laptop has had a freeze up or two in past months (overheating issue, now resolved) and eM Client did a full database integrity check after I restarted, which also didnt resolve the issue.

note: This started around time I migrated to eM Client 9 around 3 months after it was released. I am up to date with latest verison, 9.2.2258 (7080479). I have been through several updates and the problem persists.

Any idea how to fix this ?

The All Inboxes folder shows a unified display of both Inboxes. So probably you have the same account setup twice.

Go the actual Inbox folder for each of the accounts in eM Client and find the one that doesn’t match the Inbox in webmail. Then remove that account from eM Client and add it back again. Make sure during the web browser part of the setup, that you enter the correct credentials for that account. If you enter the credentials for the other account, it will sync with the mailbox for the other account instead.