Duplicate email

non capisco perche da qualche giorno, in posta in arrivo, non ho piu i messaggi compattati ma ho le varie email con risposta separate. mi spiego: ho avuto un botta e risposta con un mio amico nella stessa email, ma il client ora mi visualizza come se fossero diverse email. Ho impostato “raggruppa messaggi” nelle impostazioni, ma nulla è cambiato. come fare?

I do not understand why from a few days, in the inbox, I have no more posts compacted but I have several emails with separate answer. I’ll explain: I had a question and answer with a friend, in the same email, but now the client swoh me as if they were several emails. I set “includes messages” in the settings, but nothing has changed. how to do?


can you send me screenshot of this issue? We do not support conversation view now, so this might be it but if it happened not on initial start then I can’t imagine anything under this.

with regards