Duplicate E-Mails with IMAP protocol


I am very satisfied with emClient, it is a great Software I use every day for my E-Mails, calendar, etc.
However, sometimes emClient is showing duplicates of my E-Mails which are not existing on the server (see attached screenshot).
Other tools like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, … do not show these duplicate mails, in fact, they do not exist!
I am running my own mail server with dovecot (version for serving the IMAP protocol.
How can I fix this issue? Do you need any more information for further investigation?

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Could this not be some confusion caused by the conversation mode? You can disable it in Menu > View > Conversations, and see if there is any difference.

Thanks for reply.
It has something to do with conversation view, but emClient is definitely showing me two identical E-Mails (where only one of them is existing).

However, If I turn off conversation mode, the duplicate E-Mail is gone! Switching back to conversation mode, the duplicate is here again!

So for me it looks like a bug in conversation view.

What version of eM Client are you using?

I use eM Client Version 7.2.36908.0 with Windows 10.

There is a more recent version in the Release History. See if upgrading makes any difference.

Ok, I will try that.

Problem still exists with eM Client 7.2.37472.0

Do you maybe have another folder that has duplicates of these messages?

If you right-click on the message header (in the preview pane, where the subject, to and from addresses are) and select Properties, you will see the location of each message. Compare the duplicates and see where they are.

Did some more investigation: Duplicate E-Mails are shown for every unread E-Mail. As soon as I toggle the read state of the E-Mail, switch Conversation mode off and on again the duplicate is gone. It is reproducable for me.

You are my man! :slight_smile:

You put me on the right path - checking the location of the messages was showing the truth. I created a virtual IMAP folder on my server which contain all unread E-Mails. From perpective of the mail client it behaves like the E-Mails exist on two places, the Inbox and the virtual Unread E-Mail folder. 

So actually this was my fault - no bug in eM Client!

Thanks a lot Gary for your help!!!

What would be very useful is to selectively exclude folders in conversation mode. Then you could have your virtual folder, and not have unread duplicates showing in the conversation.