Duplicate copies of email in eM Client Sent folder for AOL Account

For the last couple of weeks, two emails appear in my eM Client Sent folder for each email I send. One of the copies will show as read, and the other will show as unread. I haven’t changed any of my settings. I’m using Windows 10, and it is up to date. Any ideas on how I can fix this problem?

You could try right-click on the Sent folder and choosing Properties > Repair.

Thanks very much for your suggestion. I tried doing a repair on the Sent folder, but unfortunately, that has not solved the problem.

How does the folder look if you login to your AOL account using their web interface? Do you still see two messages?

Yes, when I log in to my AOL account using the AOL web interface, I still see duplicate messages.

So that is why the repair would not fix anything because there are two copies on the server and eM Client is syncing that.

Did you contact AOL yet? It could be a server issue.

Thanks for that suggestion. I’ll contact AOL and ask them to look into this.