duplicate contacts

EM Client is creating duplicate contacts. When I go to my contacts, I may have 20 or more of a certain contact. Others have just one like they are supposed to. Any ideas what is causing this? I am using version 7.1.32792.0 with a single gmail email address. 

Google had some issues with their servers over past couple of weeks that was affecting contacts. I wonder if this might be caused by that.

If you right-click on the Google contacts folder in eM Client and choose Properties > Repair. That should resync with the server. If that does not remove the duplicates, you can use eM Client’s own Deduplicator to remove them. You will find this in Menu > Tools > Deduplicator.

The Deduplicator can only deduplicate “automatically” by finding contacts it believes are the same, and is thus loaded with errors, though mostly erring in the direction of not merging contacts that should be merged (fortunately, rather than the other way around). Is there any way to complete this  process manually?!

The Deduplicator will do a search, then give you a list of possible duplicates. You can go through it manually and choose which to delete, move or merge. In this example, you can click on the 1 contacts merged link before clicking on Process.

It did not find all of the duplicates. There are duplicates it did not identify. I have not found a way to merge the ones it did not identify in its look-through.