dude, where's my inbox contents?

Hi, new to em but something weird is happening. Everything runs fine for a while, all folders are there but then randomly, everything disappears from my inbox and from the server too. It only affects the inbox but the deleted files are nowhere to be found - not in trash, junk or bulk. I thought at first it was something my iphone was doing but it used to be fine with outlook. Any ideas?

does the problem persist? So it is OK (displayed) in Outlook, isn’ t it?

I have two laptops, one with em on it, the other with outlook. My old one with outlook has always been fine but since I installed em on the other laptop, this weird disappearing mail thing has happened. When it dumps the inbox it takes it off the server and wiles everything, so the last week of stuff in the em inbox disappears. I dont use the old laptop with outlook very often but when I do; I find that everything there has gone too. The iPhone seems to randomly get rid of stuff so I’m wondering if the fault lies there. What’s frustrating is that it all really does disappear so once it’s gone, there’s no recovering it

Same problem with inbox content gone…
I installed and enjoyed emclient for 3 weeks. Almost decided to buy licence and use it for my bussines mail. Worked fine during the day, and in the evening all emails from my inbox dissapeared, I guess about 50 or more. All other folders are fine. I have not done anything else but only checked mail every 2-3 hours, so I’m sure I have not clicked anything wrong, I did not even write any mail. If I do not get my inbox to be full again… bye, bye this nice program. It is a primary mission of mail program to have inbox OK.