Dropbox integration when adding attachments, embed link instead of attaching file

If I attach a file that is located in my local dropbox folder, eM Client should embed a link to the file at the dropbox server, instead of attaching the file itself. Or at least give the user the option by asking what they want to do. I personally would like it to just embed a link without asking.

The 3rd party Postbox app will embed a link if you drag-drop the file to the message body area of the window, or attach the file if you drag-drop it anywhere else. Not very intuitive, but its better than nothing.

I just used dropbox as a suggestion. Perhaps one drive or google drive would be easier. I personally don’t care which cloud service it is.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I’ll pass the idea to the developers and we’ll see if we could add this feature to future releases.

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I recently deinstalled Thunderbird in favor of a paid subscription to eM Client.  T-Bird had DropBox integration which made handling large files easy and this is a feature I really miss.

I can still use DropBox links but they have to be manually copied and it’s easy to lose track of what files have been shared out and to whom.

Additional comment. Thunderbird allows to add several file cloud services. By Thunderbird itself are currently the following supported:
Box and Hightail are integrated by Thunderbird.
Dropbox can be added with an extension called “Dropbox for Filelink” https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/dropbox-for-filelink/?src=search

The good thing is that Thunderbird automatically creates a file link if the attachment exceed a certain size. The size can be adjusted.

Adjustable exceeded file size

File being attached which is bigger than 5MB.
Thunderbird suggest to create a file link.

After the file link is created it looks like this:

The Filelink option in Thunderbird works perfect within e-mails. There it doesn’t matter which client is used by the recipients.

In Thunderbird calendar (Lightning 3.3.2) it’s working in a different way as there is being attached a file instead of just a link. Therefore it’s not possible for all the recipients to open it. For example it isn’t possible to open it in EM Client or on iOS devices. Unfortunately I can’t test it with Android clients.
But instead of adding an attachment, a simple URL could be added on the Notes section and then it would work on pretty every client.

Hi Maurus, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider integrating a cloud sharing service in future releases of eM Client, but unfortunately it is not on our roadmap to upcoming releases of eM Client.

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Would be nice if you would be able to put it on the roadmap as many of us are dealing with large files nowadays.

Yes, this is an important issue for me. I had to switch to Postbox as a better alternative to thunderbird. I’m regularly sending files over 5MB and only want to send the link instead of storing the attachment in my mail account as well as on my hard-drive. 

I liked em client, but this was a dealbreaker for me.

Please put this on the roadmap.  One of your competitors is marketing this as an intergal feature.

Yes, several email clients include this feature. In fact, Inky, will even create you a 50GB account with A-Drive for using with your attachments. Although I’m not a fan of Inky since it lacks a good calendar.

I would love to see an “Attach from Cloud” option, with support for Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive.  This would be such a useful feature and is 100% the future of email attachments.  You should aim to make it easy for the user… most users don’t understand the significance of a files size… and image is just an image to them, so try to put some intelligence in to the process (if size < xx MB then offer to attach link instead of sending file for example). 

I really would love to replace Outlook (yuk) in my clients organisation but until you have this feature, it’s a no-go. Instead I have to upgrade to Office 2016 to get this feature with OneDrive (A LOT more expensive than buying em client). Add this functionality and give yourselves a HUGE commercial advantage.


I bought eM Client for the Gmail integration.  But this is a  feature in Postbox and something from Thunderbird I really, really miss

Hello, we’re considering including this option in future releases, we were thinking of an Add to Evernote button as well as other options allowing you to share data from an existing cloud based data service, however we’re still working on this.


What is the development level for Dropbox integration?

unfortunately, the Dropbox integration has not been included yet and it’s not in current plans.
We do have it marked up as possible improvement in the future versions, but other features had the priority to be included in v7 first.
Thank you for understanding.


One happy discovery that may provide a very simple workaround for the “FileLink/DropBox” issue:

I dropped a file into the Public folder that is inside my local DropBox folder; remember, the Public folder was placed there by DropBox. I then right-clicked on that file and selected “Copy Public Link” from the contextual menu. In an outgoing eMail I pasted that link into the body of the eMail and sent the eMail. The recipient of that eMail was able to click on the link and access the file exactly as if I had used theFileLink/DropBox addon in Thunderbird.

Upside: The moment I drop the file into that Public folder, DropBox provides a valid link which I may paste into the outgoing eMail even before the file has been uploaded. That’s better than FileLink which makes you wait until the file is completely uploaded before permitting the eMail to be sent.

Downside: If the file is large, the recipient may attempt to retrieve the file before it’s completely uploaded (in which case, Dropbox throws up an error on the webpage); so, if the file is large, don’t forget to include a note to the recipient to “wait until ##:## before attempting to download”.

Okay, I said it was a workaround. But I am back in business, so to speak. My migration from Thunderbird is almost complete.

Happy New Year, folks!

I suggested this to you almost 3 years ago and its still on your list, bad show Emclient. This should be a priority as sending large files these days is quite common.