Dragging email from search-results COPIES it, should MOVE it (aka. remove label of origin folder)

EMClient only COPIES emails instead of MOVES them when you drag email in certain scenarios, like from a search-result view, leading to the impression that nothing happened after drag since they still exist in the initial folder. However this is inconsistent behavior as the same drag action direct from a folder (not a search-result listing) MOVES the email instead of COPY.

My workaround is to drag the email and then remove the label for that folder, an annoying hack for a common functionality.

Every other email-client MOVES emails upon drag, never copies by default - please adjust EMClient or make this a configurable default behavior.

Thank you

That’s weird because moving an email into a folder by dragging it from my inbox moves it fine and removes from my inbox okay.

On Gmail it works fine for me. Who is your mail provider?

Gmail - but it is an issue in the client, not the imap account. The client needs to instruct imap of the changes made, in this case changing labels instead of just adding another.

Leo, yes that works for me too. Now try the same process again but instead of going to your inbox, search for an email and drag it from the search results - a copy remains in the origin folder (at least for me)

You running the latest version of emc?

I think so, I’ve only been using it about 3 weeks now and it updated itself about a week ago

Eric, that is interesting to me.  Sorry, didn’t read the beginning of you message clearly. 

I never do that because, from the search results because I can not see what folder all the individual emails are actually in from the search results.  I on occasion dragged an email from search to a folder and it doesn’t move - then I realised it was already in that folder and that was where the search was finding it from.

Just wondering, the first few times I did it - I thought it wasn’t moving it.  I don’t do that any longer for that reason.

Hello Eric,
this is actually the currect designed behaviour for Gmail accounts when you use Search.
Since we adapted the Gmail lables all messages are located in 3 folders only: All Mail, Trash and Spam. All other folders are just ‘images’ of the original message in All Mail folder.
So, when you Search you only find the original message (located in All mail, with all other folder locations specified by Labels).
It is then impossible to know which ‘folder’ you want to move the message from. So the new folder label is just added as if you Copied the message.
Normal moving of messages folder to folder works fine, because then it can be determined which label you want to remove. In Search it’s impossible.
Hope this clears up the issue a bit.


Hi Olivia,

Yes, I realize GMail folders are virtual and are actually just tags, but if you drag an email to a folder/tag, it should strip all other tags out - or at least offer that as a configurable option. That is how it works in Microsoft Mail and all other desktop clients that I’ve used. Can you add such a feature?

Thank you

Hello Eric,
removing all labels would be actually a very unsafe idea - can you imagine if trying to move one message would add one label but at a cost of perhaps 20 other labels it had before? For an unsuspecting user this might be a disaster.
Adding one ‘additional’ label compared to that is fairly harmless. And you can remove that one label manually using the same amount of clicks (or less) that it would take to choose and approve which folder you’re trying to remove the message from.
No other mail client I know of supports the Gmail labels the way we do now. They make actual copies of the messages (where you can then decide which copy you’re moving, of course).


That’s not universally applicable - I don’t use labels for anything more than folder organizing, so my mail all has a single label each mail - that is why it makes sense to have this as a configurable option. In Windows Mail you can search through mail and get a bunch of results, select several mails and drag them at once into another folder as a move operation. Without this, there is no easy way to organize mail; for example, if I want to archive all mail from a specific recipient, I’ll search for that mail and drag the full results to the “all mail” folder.

I’m also confused by this behavior. The Inbox is for unprocessed mail. So if I search for a message that’s in my overstuffed inbox, and I deal with it from the search results, then I move it to my “Taken Care Of” folder, I expect it to be removed from the Inbox.

I see how if I search all my folders for an already processed email and I follow up on it from the search results and then move it to my “Followed Up On” folder, I would not want it necessarily removed from my “Taken Care Of” folder. But the word “move” implies that it should be.

But Inbox is a special folder. Move should move. If the command merely adds a label, if should be called “Add Label”.

The key, of course, it that the inbox folder is not a folder,  It is merely an additional label attached to a message.  A single message could have multiple labels attached to it, so if you do a search, all gmail (or eM Cleint) knows is that this message has multiple labels and there would be no way to determine which label should be removed.  You could say “always remove inbox label when moving”, but what if that is not what you want?  What if you want it to keep the inbox label?

I do understand your issue, but given the structure of gmail, the solution you are looking for is just not practical.  If you want to move, you need to do it from the “from” folder.

Hi All,

I got different problem with different scenario. I tried to move mail from one gmail account to another in em Client by configuring one mail after the other. Problem is when i moved mail from sent to sent it shows syncing, after while it show error and then i can’t see my sent mail in both the account. how can i retrieve my sent items and error shows authentication problem.

Thanks in advance.