Dragging a mail message to the calendar invites all the addressees of the message to a meeting

When I drag a message to the calendar the client makes a meeting request to the sender and the ccs of the message. For example, three weeks ago my father invited some people to his birthday, and to put this in my calendar I just dragged the message to the calendar. The original message was sent to about 50 people. To this day I still get replies to my “meeting request”. People are rsvp’ing, asking me what to wear, etc. Now this is quite funny, but with a business appointment this could turn out to be quite painful.

Hi Victor,
I understand the issue, but unfortunately this is the client’s feature, I’ll check with the developers if there could be an option to disable this for future releases, but unfortunately there’s no setting that could prevent this at the moment.

You can always switch to the scheduling tab, while creating the meeting and manage the invitees.

Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for understanding,