Drag & Drop PDF Files

Greetings. I just recently started using eM Client and have found that if I have a PDF file attached to an email, and drag and drop the file to my web based CRM, I’m unable to open the PDF within the browser when I click on it in the CRM. I get an error message “Failed to load PDF document”. However, If I save the PDF file from eMC to my download file, and then drag it to the CRM, it will open just fine within the browser. I currently use Opera browser, which is up to date, but I also have the same issue using the Edge browser. Is there a setting in eMC that I need to tweak to get this to work properly. I didn’t have this issue with either Outlook or MailBird. Thanks!

You can drag attachments to Windows Explorer, or save them, but you cannot drag them to other applications.