Drag & Drop / NoGO


I need little help with drag&drop feature. It’s not working for me. I can’t attach any file, just by draging it from desktop or any other place into my composed mail. Is this natural in this client? I was looking everywhere in settings, forums. There are some old topics about it, but without clear answer.

Thanks (and sorry for my eng)

As far as I can see, dragging a file from Windows Explorer to the compose window works as it should.

What version of eM Client are you using Marcin?


I tried it again, and it works.

I open a new message window and type some text. Then I open Windows explorer and drag a file to the new message window. It is now an attachment.

Are you doing anything different?

Same as you…
My computer is connected to domain, could it be a reason?

Do You maybe run eM Client elevated (as Administrator)? Explorer run with standard level, which means no drag&drop to elevated app.

To jest to Sylwester. Nie zauważyłem, że odpala się w taki sposób. Dziękuję.

This is it Sylwester. I did not notice that the program starts in Administrator mode. Than you!

Glad to see resolved problem ;-).

I’ve found em client to be perfect but switched to other inferior client because I couldn’t fix this! thank you!1!!