Drag drop into mail client does not work well

OK - I probably shouldn’t have committed to 6 licenses without more testing (but that’s on me) — running into all sorts of issues with drag drop.

Most important, I found that when I tried to drag a PDF file that’s inside DevonThink3 into a new message, the text of that PDF just showed up (with no formatting) rather than the PDF itself. That’s a showstopper.

It seems as though you might be dragging the contents and not the file.

Open Windows Explorer and find the file, then drag it from there into a new message.

I’m on a Mac!
I"m doing exactly what I do when I dragged things into Apple Mail. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a PDF or an image. Below is a Gif demonstrating the problem - I’m dragging exactly the same file from DevonThink into Apple Mail and into eM Client

2022-07-20 16-54-18.2022-07-20 16_58_17

I’m suspecting you’re not picking up the correct clipboard format - there are lots from which to choose.

OK, drag from Finder then. Apologies.

Oh, I was just pulling your leg there.

But more seriously, I"m sure it works fine from Finder, but it’s not working when I drag from other applications, and I can drag just fine from those other applications into both Apple Mail and MS Outlook.