Drag & Drop files as attachment in mail doesn't works!

Hi, I don’t know why, but on v.8.0.2820 it’s not possible to “drag & drop” files onto new mail, even is the origin is file explorer, SpeedCommander explore, etc… In the past, I can do this without any problem, but now … it’s impossible. Any solution?

try dragging and dropping your file onto the attachment icon on the “new message” toolbar.
Please let me know if it works.


I have the same issue since I’ve updated to V8.0.3385.
Dragging and dropping onto the attachment icon doesn’t work.

it works as it should to me. I suggest to try backup eM Client, uninstall it, reboot system and reinstall it.

I’ve got the same problem now…
Using 8.1.979

And I am NOT going to uninstall, cause that is not the solution to the problem…!

I can’t reproduce that either. It works just as it should by dragging a file from Explorer onto the body of the new message.

Maybe reboot your computer and try again.

Yep, it works again. But it shouldn’t be like that. Tells me something about the way a program works…
Fine for now, but I don’t trust W10 either :wink:

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Yeah, that is a difficult one. I had got into the habit of never shutting down Windows, just using hibernation or sleep mode. After some weeks, all sorts of things started going wrong. Seems that Windows needs a restart regularly.

But you are right, it shouldn’t be like that, neither with eM Client nor Windows. Just glad it’s working for you again. :wink: