Drag and drop to folder is not reflected in Gmail


when I drag and drop an email in eM client to a folder (I mean an GMail label, NOT a local folder), it’s no longer in the eM client inbox, which is as wanted. But in Gmail the email only gets a label but stays in the inbox! Thus, the inbox is not the same in Gmail and in eM client and I need to Archive the emails in Gmail separately…

Maybe that’s related to my last post in the forum.

What am I doing wrong?

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Sounds like your eM Client is not syncing with your online Gmail labels as it normally should be.

First check that you have the latest version of eM Client Incase you have an outdated / older version. All the various versions for Windows and Mac are available via the version history page.

If you already have the latest version, then your local Gmail account database in eM Client could be possibly corrupted and need repairing.

First thing before running the repair make a backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Next to run the repair on your Gmail account in eM Client, “Right click” on “All Mail” folder (under your Gmail account" on the left side of EMC, and then click “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the “Repair” tab at the top. Finally click “Repair”. This will re-sync all your mail and folders from Gmail.

Note - Repairing can take time depending on the size of your Gmail mailbox.

Failing that remove your Gmail account from eM Client, and then re-add your Gmail account (via the automatic wizard) and make sure you click (Allow) near the end of the wizard to allow EMC access to your Gmail account.

Many thanks!

It’s working now. I think the problem was that in the GMail settings IMAP was not activated for all labels. But I’m not sure if this really fixed it.

Does IMAP need to be activated in the GMail settings at all? Or does eM client use another kind of access?

Does IMAP need to be activated in the GMail settings at all? Or does eM client use another kind of access?

You only need to activate eM Client initially when you first install or setup the program.

Gmail with the automatic setup uses the OAuth 2 token to authenticate and then receive email via IMAP so any labels you create once the Gmail account is added should automatically work.

So initially after running the email wizard in eM Client and “allowing eM Client access to your Gmail account” at the end of the wizard (via the popup allow button in your browser), you should end up with the below example Gmail IMAP settings and nothing else is normally needed. See second screenshot below.

Google Security (Third Party Apps Token access Example)


(Gmail IMAP Settings once the automatic wizard has completed)