Drafts with 'unread' number

I noticed the draft folder has a number showing the amount of e-mails in it. The number corresponds with the number of e-mails in that folder, so there’s no ghost messages. Still, I’d like to disable this ‘function’ because it kind of distracts me and keeps me thinking I got unread messsages somewhere, although all drafts are marked as read. I can’t find anything about it in Settings and if I move a message to the Drafts folder of my other mail-account, the same happens. So it is something in the program itself. How can I disable this? I’m using the latest verion of EM Client by the way.

Thanks for posting!

Hi Ester,

You cannot disable this, because it works as designed and hence will never be “fixed”…
Every other email client or webmail  has this "feature ".
It has nothing to do with Read or Unread.

Drafts by their nature are unfinished or pending to be finished.

You have to fix your perception rather than fix the program…

But I’ll give you something that’s really wrong in Drafts and to be done by the programmers.
Partial screenshot of Drafts folder - click to enlarge

Peter E.

I don’t really like your tone as a response to my question. I didn’t mention ‘fixing’ in any of my sentences, so that’s your wrong perception, I’m afraid (talking about having to fix ones perception), I was just wondering if there’s a setting I can disable to hid the number of drafts. I have been using multiple kinds of e-mail clients before and I can say with certainty, that not every client has a visible number of messages in the Drafts folder. But thanks anyway, I decided to work my way around things differently. The next time, a more friendly approach would be highly appreciated. Have a nice day!

It really is neather helpful nor logic to count each and every draft as unread. How could my own drafts be unread, anyway?
I felt the same as Ester, wondering what I might have missed, when there’s a number of “unread” mails in my drafts-folder. I lost some time fiddling with that, before I gave up, figuring this hasn’t been thought through yet.

I’ve been using my Drafts folder to store messages i wanted to keep in any e-mail software I’ve ever used, and because I almost never have ‘real’ drafts. Maybe not the most logical way to use a Drafts folder as a kind of archive, but I like a clean environment in my mail client and so if possible no extra folders.

That always worked fine, until I started using EM Client and got a little bothered by the ‘unread’ count. The thing that works for me to avoid this, is making a subfolder (or more) in the Drafts folder and keep the messages there. No ‘unread’ count! Or just create a separate folder for messages that have to be kept.

It’s your own interpretation of that number for the Drafts folder that plays tricks on you.
Nowhere is it written that it means Unread.
It simply means the number of items in that Drafts folder.

It’s the developer’s opinion (and mine) and a basic requirement that the number of pending drafts be shown and not forgotten.

In a busy office , interruptions can’t be avoided, so at times an email under composition is temporarily halted and saved to Drafts.

I’ve been testing software for 20 years and for various organisations and my personal experience with this issue is that complaints about the missing number in Drafts
far outweigh the complaints about it showing.

Simple reason? People wanted a quick view of how many unfinished Draft emails they still  had to respond to.

It’s also makes the difference between an efficient office and an inefficient one.

Using the Drafts folder for storage of other mail is totally illogical and defeats
the purpose of this folder…
Once  you understand how the Draft folder works, you can see that the Subject line
in the Opening Post is also nonsensical…

Shoot the messenger if you want to. ( it won’t make a dent)