Drafts notification not dissapear

After latest update of eM client I started to have “1” draft notification next to a draft folder, even when no drafts are saved or no drafts are on a server. Using Gmail. Creation of a new drafted message and deleting it after that helps to remove this “1” unitil next time when it appers again. How to get rid of this misleading notification? 


I am sorry for the inconvenience. What version are you currently using after the update?



We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please try the following steps?

Turn Conversations off (Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations)
Turn eM Client off
Go to eM Client’s installation folder (something like C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client) and run DbRepair.exe (not the DbRepair.exe.config). Wait until the database check is completed.
Turn eM Client on

If that doesn’t help, please right-click on the folder that the messages are in, select Properties > Repair and click on the repair button.

After that, you can also try removing your account from eM Client and then adding it again (please note that all locally stored data will be lost, but if you have your data on the server, that shouldn’t be of concern. You can make a backup just to be on the safe side).


OK, I’ll try this steps.
Usually draft notification appears, when I use my email at work (not with eM Clent), and send some emails, but I usually do not save drafts. Sometimes it takes time to write and send the email and it is kept open after started, probably gmail creates draft itself than, but after email is sent, draft dissapears from server, but it still shows the notification at home in eM Client.

Your recomendations didn’t work. As soon as I went to work and used my Gmail there, new draft notification appeared. Same problem still here.

Hello Ivo,

could you please send me logs while the ghost message appears in a .txt file to my email [email protected]

Thak you

I sent the logs on email, 
I hope those are correct ones.
Thank you.

Hi, there were few updates after our talk, but the fantom draft notification is still there, like before.