drafts not synching properly

Hi there,

I am testing eMclient at the moment to decide we can use it as a team.

Unfortunately, i found that drafts are not being synched properly, which means:

  1. I create a draft in eMclient and save it to the drafts folder
  2. I go to another Computer and I open the draft and edit it (tried with different e-mail clients)
  3. now i go back to Computer from step 1 and the draft remains there in its original form (as created in step 1)

additional Information: 

  • the account used is an office 365 exchange account
  • everything else works fine, also all other folders sync perfectly fine
  • the drafts folder is shown in the sync logs, no errors shown
    - new drafts in the same drafts folder sync fine, just edited ones don`t
    - the edited draft (after step 2) shows up on the webmail all other kind of clients, so sync with the server should not be the issue
  • I am using eMclient version 7.1.33101.0 on a PC running Win 10

Please feel free to ask for further details if needed.

This feature is very important, since we often collaborate on drafts.

I hope someone can help!

Is the account setup as Exchange or IMAP? You will find that in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then there will either be an IMAP or Exchange Web Services tab.

Dear Gary,

thanks for the quick reply.

The account is set up as an exchange account.

I have also tried this with an IMAP account (different provider) with the same outcome.


This issue sometimes show up with GMail. One thing you can try with the Exchange account is to right-click on the Drafts folder and choose Properties > Repair. For GMail you need to do this on the All Mail folder.

this does fix the problem once.

Unfortunately, the underlying problem remains and the issue will repeat itself.

Does the draft update after clicking Refresh, or after restarting eM Client?

neither restarting or refreshing helps.

I noticed something interesting though: when refreshing the folders, the timestamp next to the draft changes to the time, it was last edited (not the time of refreshing). Only, the contents of the draft don’t change.

Yes, definitely something for the developers to look at. 

thank You for Your help!

Is there anything to do for me now?

Will I get notified, if the error might get a fix?

Because until then, we will have to stick with MS Outlook unfortunately.

P.S. I also waited a few minutes until saving the edited draft, to rule out any time stamp issues (e.g. differently set internal clocks on the computers)

As a Trial or Free License user, it is not possible to get support directly from the company. However, this forum is monitored so I am sure they will take note of your comments. Sometimes an employee will even comment here, but that is not guaranteed.