Draft showing as Sent

I just re-started eval of emc - I did a length eval of it last year but just could not get past some issues.  So after the latest release I decided to try again - because honestly, I do like a lot about the app.

I use several Google business accounts (meaning not @gmail.com but still hosted by G).
Because emc doesn’t have an android app if I am on the road I have to use Gmail at times.  But I was always assured that the sync with gmail was solid.

Well earlier today I used my phone to compose an email reply to a client, but never sent it because as with most emails to clients, I was red hot pissed off.  So like always, I left it in drafts and figured I would send later after I stopped feeling all stabby.

I get home, fire up emc, and that account shows that draft in SENT ITEMS.
I clicked a few folders in that account, nothing changed.

Point of fact: I do NOT have many accounts (4) and I do NOT do a high volume of email ( < 10 messages per day on all accounts total).  I do NOT send HUGE attachments or HUGE emails, and have < 20 contacts total.  So this was not a “catching up to sync” issue.

I immediately killed the process and went into GMail - and sure enough - it’s a DRAFT just the way I left it.

With a brief search I see some history posts 1yr and > about things not appearing in Sent but I haven’t seen this particular problem.  But if I am going to use an app on my workstation that doesn’t have a phone app counterpart - and relies on syncing with Gmail - then it had damn well better be rock solid.  

This is the sort of stuff that made me nervous a year ago - I desperately want to ditch GMail - and some of emc I like - (although they are still so far behind the times with themes and several other features every other app has that I can’t really believe it).

But for THIS issue - I need to know what happened, HOW and WHY.  And if I cannot track THAT down, then I’m not willing to risk that kind of event again.

Same problem here. (I also use a Google hosted account). Draft emails composed on other devices (in my case, Apple Mail) show up in Sent.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with Google / Gmail as Thunderbird gets it right. 

This seems a critical flaw, and until fixed will send me back to Thunderbird. 

I also use G Suite and personal gmail and I have never seen this happen.  Did you verify that the email actually had been sent?  My guess is that the way Gmail sends data (particularly the flags) and the way eM Client interprets it may be the issue.  You need to remember that gmail does not really have separate folders (everything is in All Mail) and the category flags appear as folders on the client.  It may be that the draft flag is not being interpreted as a draft, but as a sent item and that is how it appears in eM Client when syncronized, but it has not actually been sent.

If someone from eM Client could respond to that, it would be great.  I will try to duplicate the issue and if I can I will enter a support ticket.

Hey two familiar names already!  Thanks for the replies!
Jay - The email actually WAS just a draft that I had started on the road from my phone, and when I opened EMC it said it had been sent.  I had a little panic attack, I tend to write from a stream of consciousness so I have notes to myself throughout the text.  And especially where it’s an email to a client I intentionally don’t send it for 24+ hours for obvious reasons LOL  As you guys can imagine, being a software engineer, I’m the guy they blame when their DVR cut off the overtime of a football game! LOL  (to clarify, I do NOT write DVR software LOL)  Anyway, the email in question had a pretty steady stream of profanity in my notes for this first draft!  LOL   

In any case - my “time-released self-restraint” is my own fault - but I have duplicated this problem just to be sure.  I don’t know how you get around it Jay!  But I’ve actually taken to using my favorite text editor to compose emails now, even though I’m not using EMC currently.  Because I’m fairly certain that the editor app can’t send email and I don’t even put the receiver address in it! LOL

PS: I was pretty disappointed with the latest update, I thought I read something about better dark theme support but I didn’t see any new themes and modifying/creating is just as cumbersome as ever!  I may post about that - although they didn’t take a single suggestion I made last year!  I think I may just grab one of the tons of open-source webmail apps out there and throw it on a Raspberry Pi.  At least that way I can use it from my phone AND having the source I can make damn sure it looks the way I want! LOL  All the hardware + software for under $40!  Love that little Pi!  

Hi David-- just to clarify, was the draft actually sent?  Typically draft folders are local and I remember reading a post some time ago on the miscommunication between Gmail and eM Client as to the status of the draft.  eM client saw it as sent so it synced to the sent items, although the item was not actually sent.

This also may be the way your phone client handles things.  I created a draft on my phone (Outlook) and it never appeared on eM Client, let alone in the sent folder.  So, I don’t know.

As far as the themes, I think there was an issue with their modified one and they pulled it (see https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/problem-with-the-dark-theme).  They said there would be a fix with their “next release”, which may mean ver. 8.  I have asked on several occasions for a repository for user created themes and everyone though it was a great idea, but nothing ever happened.

No, it was composed using GMail on Android, which saves your draft automatically, in one of their non-folder folders LOL called Drafts.  After EMC showed it as sent, I went into GMail from my workstation (just the web-page based GMail) and there it was - in Drafts - and Sent Items didn’t have it.  Hasn’t EMC supported GMail since ver1.0 and isn’t that their biggest user base?  I know firsthand that Google is notoriously - well, let’s just say I used to create skins for Gmail in the early days and they did things that had other purpose than to break my skins.  It was just a hobby so I gave it up, but I definitely got the drift that they don’t mind you developing your own stuff but when you try to touch their “core” stuff, well my feeling is that they’ll do everything they can to break your code.  And let’s face it EMC does compete with a part of the GMail user-base.  Last year I had stopped using GMail altogether when I was using EMC for while!  

I will repeat my test and this time see what I can find in the header.  I gotta think that a draft message had better not have “sent” fields in the header.  And if they do, I gotta believe Google’s doing it to hurt apps like EMC.

Yeah that’s some disappointing news about themes.  I looked at their history of releases and it wasn’t very encouraging.  EMC needs to look at how fast other companies, not just open-source! are putting updates and especially fixes out there.  I mentioned to them last year that I was using SEVERAL apps (and still do) that build the UI using css/markdown/js - and the end user can inject their modifications to build themes.  But of course you have to provide documentation AND a “spy” util so the user can see what UI element they need to code for.  And I have yet to find any useful documentation about theme elements for EMC, and at one point I spent a week trying to change on tiny LINE because with a dark theme it didn’t look right.  But damned if I could find it.  Then I heard from one of the devs - not possible to touch it.  HUH?!  So if their theme stuff is still such a low priority - I’ll be long gone by the time their next big release hits!  

Honestly I’m thinking about dumping BOTH Google AND EMC!  I’ve been playing with 2 browsers that only suck half as much as Chrome and 1/4 of the resource hogginess!  Chrome won’t even let me use SSL to servers on my own intranet without their damned warning!  LOL   And I can host an email server + the webmail client on a $35 Pi and be done with them both.

I wonder if the company got their rewards from droves of Mac users buying the app? ;-)  

Oh forgot to mention - I was just starting to eval when you mentioned about having a theme repository.  One fellow linked to a page that had 4 themes on it, the link to the first one had malware on it! LOL
I was willing to host a site just for themes, including a forum.
All I asked EMC was 1: if they’d allow it and 2: I would ONLY do it if we could get some documentation about HOW TO do it and WHAT the elements are, some tech ref docs.   Never even got a reply to #2.