Draft E-mails are not editable when synced with Outlook.com and vice-versa

Appears to be a bug with draft e-mails when syncing with outlook.com. If I create a message in outlook.com and save to draft then go to emClient and sync the draft appears as it should. But I am unable to open the draft to continue editing. Same thing happens if I create a draft e-mail in emClient and it is synced with Outlook.com. When i go back to Outlook.com I can not edit the draft. It only appears to work correctly if i create a draft in emClient and edit it in emClient.

Thank you for reporting this - we will try to fix it ASAP.

I have the same problem and it’s not unique to outlook.com. I created a draft using the iPad mail app, and gmail account. Save to drafts and try to edit it on emClient and I am not able to update it.

That’s great. Really like the app, but the draft issue is a real nuisance.

There was a update released today, but unfortunately didn’t fix the problem.

Strange, can you please send me your AIrSync logs? Thank you very much.

Thanks for the reply, where on the PC will I find the logs.

Simply open Tools - Settings - Advanced - Logging and press Send logs button.

E-mail sent with the log. thank you.

Bug still exists. Is there any resolution, pretty much useless if one can’t edit a draft e-mail.


I have responded here: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

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