Downside of eM Client

eM Client is by far the best email client I have ever used with IMAP. It never crashes, it’s always very fast. I am a customer for life.

However, it would really be great if we could have the possibility to change the themes like for example: Apple looking themes or anything similar because the current theme is a little boring (sorry guys)

I use Google to sync my contacts and calendar, however eM lacks the ability to sync with iPhone directly without passing by a third party website or paying service like Sync2eM.

The are the only two issues that annoy me, other than that I think eM is perfect for IMAP and the only email client that comes close to it is Thunderbird - however Thunderbirds’ address book has too many limitations and addresses can’t be synced with iPhone.

Anyways, keep up the good work guys - you are the best at what you do I’ll give you that.