Downloading large number of messages freezes when syncing

Trying to sync with gmail. Works fine on smaller folders, but when it tries to download messages from a folder with thousands of emails in it, it starts off fine then download just freezes. there is no internet or disk activity on the computer from emclient and it stays that way until I restart. The “operations” dialogue box in em client still shows it downloading but never changes, and no error messages. It starts, but somewhere along the way just stops doing anything. In trial phase of em client at the moment but unless this can be fixed won’t be able to use full version!

I have the same issue. Even if the emails have been in my inbox earlier in the day, sometimes, when I check my mail later, there are no emails later than 2014. Even closing and restarting EmClient doesn’t help.


Can you please send us the Log from the Operations window when this occurs? Also what kind of antivirus are you using?


Can you give me email contact details. The problem has occurred again and I will email you the log. I have a ‘gap’ in my emails from 25th March to 13th April. Nothing I do will get them to load.

You can send me the logs to, reference this thread please. Thank you.