Download unread messages, automatically, how?

Hello. I want to configure em client in a such way, when new emails arrive, they are automatically downloaded. Now it only happens after I click on received message, despite me having set “available offline” for that imap account. Any ideas? I’m receiving 30-40 messages daily, all with 20mb+ attachments, so I want them to be downloaded automatically, but now I have to click each one, to start downloading.

From my experience, with these settings, it should work.

The only reason I can think that it is not working is that the content or attachments are linked and not embedded in the message.

I have all that selected, unfortunately it does not work. no matter whenever there are linked images or it is just plain text.

Well, it won’t download linked content.

Maybe there is some corruption in the database. You can try right-click on the folder like Inbox (if it is a GMail account, use the All Mail folder) and choose Properties > Repair.