"Download Selected" not working

Recently my mail_data.dat file became corrupted due to bad blocks on the disk.

Windows CHKDSK /R tried to repair the file.

Unfortunately, the repaired file had a size of zero.

I restored an older version of mail_data.dat from a backup.

Now I wish to redownload the messages since the last backup. The mail headers are there, but the message contents are empty.

I tried using the “Download selected” option, but nothing happened.

Kind regards from Rwanda!


I further executed a DBRepair.exe and now the headers of the missing mails have also been deleted.

The mails still exist on my mail server.

How can I re-download these mails and restore the sent mails?

I have marked the missing mails as “unread” on my mail server, but EMClient still does not download these messages.

Please advise EMSupport!

in the first place backup the database folder, and then delete it. Setup your account and download all the messages, export the problematic emails and move back the original database. Finally, import those mails and let me know, if it works.

I redownloaded all my mails. (This takes a long time, as I live in a relatively remote part of Rwanda …) …

However, the emclient.exe deleted ALL my emails from 1st Feb 2012 to 8th April 2012 from my remote e-mail server!!! THIS IS A PROBLEM. I have contacted my e-mail service provider to see if they can restore them from a backup … not holding my breath though!

It seems that the automatically launched dbrepair.exe deleted the headers and corresponding empty messages. Consequently and presumably, due to the previously activated “remove from server when deleted from Deleted folder”, the emclient.exe deleted all my mails between the above dates for my 2 email accounts on my remote e-mail server! All this without me even noticing, until I logged on to my webmail, to find the messages deleted!

The dates of the deleted messages on the remote server, exactly match the e-mails that I needed to redownload!

A further comment: the import/export procedure for .eml files is clumsy, because each exported folder must be individually imported. Very time consuming, and prone to user error.

Please let me know when EMClient improves it’s disator recovery procedures and disator recovery functionality.