Download Problem

 I had to uninstall eM client, now I can’t download it again.The folder is registered and when I click to install it, it loops.
Can anyone help please.

the uninstall routine does not uninstall the data files.  If there is a problem with these files, this can cause a problem.  The data files are located at:

c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. 

You can either delete or change the name of this directory and then reinstall.  This will then create a new database.  Please note that this is a hidden directory, so make sure the option to see hidden files is checked on Windows Explorer.

It’s me again. Here is the solution: When the client Em file is downloaded. Since it is an .msi file and not .exe.
  just right click and choose “windows Installer.”
And it works.

Thank you Jay For your answer.