download of hotmail slow

I’ve been using the free version 7 for a number of months without any problems…until 3-4 days ago. All of a sudden, it takes forever to sync messages for my Hotmail account, and after hours if this is completed, I only see the message heading and not the content. Then, if I open the message, it is blank and then gets stuck at downloading. I’ve tried changing settings based on suggestions of previous posters, but nothing is working. 

I have the exact same problem. When I first started using eMClient I had problems sending, receiving and syncing with my Hotmail account. Microsoft indicated they changed the sync process - something about “Airsync” as I recall. Later an eMClient update resolved that problem. Now a similar issue has cropped up. My eMClient testing indicates there might be an issue with the IMAP settings. No clue how I can resolve this. eMClinet help! I don’t want to use Microsoft Mail but I may have to.

I am having the same trouble as above but I am using  The syncing takes a painfully long amount of time.  I have deleted and reinstalled my account - that didn’t help.

Stephen, I have exactly the same situation on my PC. I think this is probably a Hotmail issue. I hope eMClient finds a solution soon.

so i was having the same problem and it dawned on me to try it setting up my email as an exchange account instead of IMAP, it seems to be working better now.  I used as the exchange server

For a test, I opened my old Thunderbird program to see if it worked any better and it is very slow as well.  I would say it is an issue at this point.

I’m using a payed version of eM Client 7 and all of my accounts (3) are slow and I’m constantly getting error messages. My iPhone reports “not able to check mail” also. May be a Microsoft mail server issue. If anyone has more info on setting up accounts via exchange server I would be interested.

to set it up as exchange this is basically it  automatic server setup didn’t work for me (it couldn’t find the server settings) so i just put in for the server and it’s working great now.
edit: just to be clear, i didn’t change the settings on my email accounts, i deleted the ones setup as IMAP and added them back as exchange

Since posting this comment 4 hours ago, my ISP account emails are slow to load as well. I’m using Charter/Spectrum. Could it be an ISP problem?

I started having the same problem a few days ago.  Thanks for the fix suggested by bootloop.  I was able to choose “Exchange” when setting up the new account, and it seems to work well.

I recreated my 3 Microsoft accounts and set them to use Exchange Server settings. Things are much, much better. Thanks to “bootloop” for his suggestion.

My problems persist. Both my Hotmail account and  my Charter/Spectrum POP account runs so slow as to be almost unusable. However, my Windows 10 Mail accesses both accounts just fine. Come on, eMClient, what’s going?

My problems are fixed! I followed the procedure suggested by bootloop in this forum and I now sync quickly without issues. It was not a problem with my ISP. Not sure why my POP account ran slow for a few days but it’s working now. Perhaps in a future update to eMClient there could be some guidance as to which procedure to use. I used the automatic account setup which did connect but the syncing and downloading of email bodies was very slow. For me the correct account setup was manually using the Exchange method.

My thanks to bootloop. 

I’ve tried repeatedly to follow the steps according to “bootloop”'s suggestion, but each time I try to set up a new account until Exchange, I get the message “The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password.” I have checked repeatedly and that information is correct. What gives? Quite frustrating to say the least. Or is it required that I delete my original hotmail account first?