download message

EmClient worked fine tille the latets Win 10 update. Now its saying Message will be downloaded next tume you are on line! Its annoying. I want my message right away. Has anybody a solution please??

Before doing anything  run the backup feature of emclient and make sure you know where it went.Menu | File | Backup

Try the repair option in the windows program and features   as windows update may have touchedone of its control dll’s
Goto start 
Find control panel
Select program and features
Find Emclient
Right Click it  and select  REPAIR

It it does not run (repair fails to run)  then 

Start EmClient 
Select Menu |  Help | About   and write down the version number

If you have that install then run it      else go to this web site to download the version you are using
Download your version to your pc  Then run it it should start in repair mode rather than full install as long as they are the same version

thanks for the answer.  A pity it does not work for my problem…there probably must another ticbox where i can install  that I want message directly to download and not later on.

You can specify for the complete message to be downloaded when it arrives. If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and select the IMAP tab. There you can select to download messages for offline use. That means that when a message arrives, the complete message will be downloaded. Sometimes, if you click on the message before it has completed downloading, then you will see the same message you received. Just give it a second to complete the task, or click on another message then come back to that one.