Download Emails, random lack of categorization, not able to see some emails... many bugs.

I downloaded em Client and initially, it worked well though I am facing more and more problems that may make me look elsewhere, or somehow get a workaround on the issues I was facing with Outlook. I would happily pay for support, though not sure if this can be resolved and I stay. 

Anybody has a solution to the following:
Although I selected the option to download all messages, I still have to wait, sometimes minutes (!!) to read some emails when I click on them. So, as of right now I have online mail on one screen, and eM on the other. That is a really silly solution. In some cases, I have to restart eM to even see the new email that came. Then select it, and wait and wait to read it. Today, even when the email was supposedly downloaded, I was not able to see anything. I had to reforward the email to myself to finally be able to print it. 

The downloading messages indicator is on more or less all the time. It appears that it is “downloading” 24/7, with various success. 

I have applied categorization so when an email comes to a specific address (I have 4 aliases), it gets color coded. That works on and off. Today, for example, only around 30% of emails are categorized.

My setup: all my emails come to one Yahoo address (I know, Yahoo… but I have had the address for over 20 years) and I reply depending to what part of the business they come to (I have 3 websites with 3 email addresses). All the business addresses get categorized, except the regular yahoo one. 

Any help appreciated. 

It seems that a few users experience delays with reading email. It might not be a solution for you, but POP3 offers substantial performance improvements because it downloads the email to your computer. IMAP, as implemented by eM Client, only gets the header, and then has to download the message when you click on it. On a slow connection to a free server that can be sluggish.

Depending on how you have setup the Rule to categorize your email, and on how the email is sent to you, it may miss the correct receiver address. Take an email that is sent to a distribution list, where all receivers are BCC. The Rule would not be able to identify a receiver. An alternative to forwarding email is to have eM Client collect the email directly from each server, and process the Rule per account. That way you are guaranteed to get the category on every email.

Thank you, Gary. While I see some advantages of syncing messages via IMAP, I went ahead and setup email as POP3. It has downloaded a lot of messages, but it stopped at 1/2/2017.  So after 3000 emails downloaded it says SQL logic error or missing database table “RemoteUIDS” already exists. It errors out and does not download any further messages. Is there a solution to that?