Download Email to Local Folder

Hi Everybody

I received an email from my admin, that my inbox is almost full and instructed me to delete some mails ,

How do download all Emails to my local folder and clean my Inbox, Please note I do want all the categories to be preserved

Please advice me ,

Go to Menu > settings > General and make sure that Show Local Folders is selected.

Now you can move messages from your account folders (1) to Local Folders (2). Tags will be preserved.

Hello Gary,

I did it , all my emails are in the local folder , So now i can delete all emails in my inbox right

Yes, if you are happy that the messages have been copied to Local Folders, then you can delete the originals in the Account Inbox.

Maybe a better option is to move them, not copy them, then the original won’t be left behind in the original folder. Saves a step.

Until you are happy with the process, make a backup using Menu > Backup before you delete the originals. That gives you a safety net if you do something wrong.