Download e-mails from ISP

I can not get my e-mails to download to my computer. They only syncronize with my isp and disappear if I delete them on the ISPs program. How do I fix this. I have uncheck the synconization boxes on settings menu.

This is because your account is setup as IMAP. What IMAP does is synchronize what is on the server with what is on your computer, so if you delete an email in one location, it will be deleted in the other location.

The alternative to IMAP is POP3, which downloads all email from the server and stores it on the computer. Once it has been downloaded, if a copy is still on the server and you delete it, it will not be deleted from the computer.

So, if this is what you want then you need to delete the IMAP email account from eM Client, and add it again as POP3.

In account settings, add a new account, but instead of Automatic Setup, choose Mail > Other.

Then after entering your email address, choose POP3, and enter the server details provided by your email service.

Thanks, I think that fixed the problem.