Doubled Picures shown in received Mails

I am evaluating your Software for further use - ist quite a nice product. But I have severe Troubles with Display of some mails: Embedded Pictures are shown twice in some cases. Other mail-programs Show them in a correct way.


isn’t it possible that you see the pictures once in the message body and second time below the message? If not, send me one of the problematic messages saved as .eml at [email protected]. Thank you.

I am having exactly the same problem. Do you want to see the troublesome email?

Hi Ross, can you please send me the corrupt exported email in .eml format to [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic?
Also can you please make a screenshot of how it displays in your application?

What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Email sent with all you’ve requested…