Double spacing on V8 - everywhere

Just upgraded from 7 to 8.1.979. I saw the ‘fix’ from 2018, but i have no touchscreen icon to disable. Can someone help please? Surely i’m not the only one?

BTW, i had to re-register to join the forum as EMC had no record of my email address.

If it is not the touchscreen issue, then it may just be your settings.

The list spacing you can change in Menu > Settings > Appearance > Lists > Row dimensions.

Or, if it is easier for you, click on an item in the folder list, and while holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard, scroll the mouse wheel.

Thanks very much, Gary. I missed the ‘lists’ option. It’s a shame my original settings weren’t transferred, but there’s a lot of flexibility there, which is a good feature. I thought another sensible PC sizing had been sacrificed at the alter of the smart phone!

Thanks Again!