Double, even triple contacts, ebents, tasks - how to reset sync2em data?

This morning I did a backup of my Windows Mobile device before syncing with sync2em for the first time. Synching went great on the phone (didn’t have a chance to check eM Mail as I was at work at the time).
I thought that maybe syncing with Google might work as well so I removed the sync2em account from my phone in order to be able to create the Google account. After removing the account all my PIM data were gone, not a single one left. Thankfully I had made a backup. So I restored the data from the backup and tried synching with Google. Tried several times, no luck, so removed Google account and re-created sync2em account. Sync worked great again, ONLY now all events, tasks and contacts were double on the phone. In eM Client on my PC some were even triple.
Is there a way to reset all data on the sync2em server and start all over?
Thanks a lot for any suggestion.

I think the easiest way out of your problem is to connect to the sync2em using eM Client and delete all the data by hand. Then setup sync2em account in your phone and restore the backup. After this everything should be as before.
If you are afraid of loosing your data, you can move them to the local folders instead of deleting. It can be achieved by drag&dropping folders in the left panel of the eM Client.