Double display of photos from attachments

My system is Windows 10 Home 64bit. I’m using em Client 7.2.40748.0. I have a problem displaying attachment photos from received and sent emails. I use IrfanView or HoneyView to display photos. The problem of double image display occurs in both of these programs.
If the mail contains one photo, the problem does not occur. If the e-mail contains two pictures, there is no problem. The problem occurs when the e-mail contains three or more photos. Then the photos are displayed twice.
If there are three pictures, the browser will show six. Twice the first photo, twice the second and twice the third. If there are 16 pictures in the e-mail, the browser will display 32 pictures !!!
Please help.

If you upgrade to the current version 8 beta in the Release History, is the behavior still the same?