Don't start any browser after an update

this is not actually a feature request, but rather a request to deactivate or at least optimize an annoying feature.
This is that the EM Client website is called up after every update of EM Client. This is unnecessary enough in itself, as I already have the program installed on my computer and know how to call up the website from the EM client if required. I would still consider it kind of useful if a changelog was called up. But calling up the start page of the EM Client is simply superfluous.
But it gets even worse: I have defined a different browser as the default browser, not Safari. The EM Client website opens in both Safari and my default browser. What the hell are you doing?
Doesn’t sound like a big drama, but it annoys me immensely as it’s completely pointless.

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Well, we open our website for different reasons.

On install to give you immediate links to our Blog and other help sites so you can easily transition from another app or from an older version of eM Client.

On uninstall, so you can give feedback about what you didn’t like so we can improve the application for other users.

Having both browsers open is a MacOS issue. If you upgrade to Sonoma, Apple have fixed that, and only Safari will open as that is the Mac default for opening websites on app install.

You’ve forgotten: we open our website after every update … what is it good for? I think your customers are smart enough to open the website themselves. And some even find out about new features and / or bug fixes before they install updates.
In my opinion, opening a website without asking or a warning leads to a bad user experience.

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