Don't include "Invite to em Client" functionality for paying users

I was surprised that in this question (…), it is indicated that users who pay for em Client still have to put up with the “Invite to em Client” toolbar button.

If I purchase this program, I would like the button to be hidden by default, or even better, completely removed from my copy of the program.

If you paid for eMClient it means you really use it and are satisfied :slight_smile:
So, why don’t tell to some friends ?
(I do not have “button”, I have a link in the list of Help).

I can see both sides of this argument. It’s true, if you pay for it – presumably because you really do like it – then why not tell other people about it? But then again, it’s software you paid for and having that button there is just tacky.

Perhaps there’s a better way, like a month after you buy a license, you get a follow up email from someone at the company asking you how you’re enjoying the program as well as a personal, heart-felt appeal to tweet/post/blog/share with anyone you know that would appreciate the program, framing it like “the more people who know about and use eM, the better we can make it for everyone (better, faster, stronger, etc.)”

Just a thought :wink:

Personally, I’d prefer to tell people my own first-hand testimony rather than rely on em Client’s marketing person/team to tell them. I don’t think the company is honest enough to tell them the good and the bad; they only want people to see the good.

If a person really cares about his/her friends, I think he/she would want to give them fair advice rather than heavily biased advice.

Lastly, the “Invite to em Client” functionality is basically spam, which I am strongly against.

Thank you for suggestions - we will consider it!

em Client still has a long way to go in terms of customisability. If I pay for a program I want to choose what is or isn’t displayed on my toolbar. em Client’s lack of toolbar configuration options (and others, and lack of plugins) is a major reason I have not yet purchased.

If em Client is smart they will listen to their customers and and permit removing this annoying button for BOTH paid and free users, you can’t force people to recommend you, they will do it naturally if you wow them with your product.

Although there are some really nice things about it, em Client lacks sufficient wow for me.

this has been already implemented - the Invite to eM Client button should no longer appear for PRO users.

I still have it (I don’t worry - it’s just for your information)

@George — Excellent response to customer feedback - thank you!

I think George means that the change should be present in the next release.

No, it should be already present in the released version. Try to re-activate eM Client using your PRO activation key and let me know if it helps.

I still have it with version updated 5.0.17595.0.
Anyway I cannot use eMClient (see my post of today in the forum).

I am registered and all, but still I see the button

Did you re-activate eM Client using your PRO activation key?