Don't get rid of an Email address or you lose everything.

If I delete an account, is Emclient going to get rid of all the emails? I don’t like that idea! It says it will remove all folders and items. This should not happen. This is pretty dumb of Emclient. I see a posting from 1 year ago too and no reply. I didn’t do it but I was going to. Now I have a problem. I want to get rid of an account but not the emails and I can only have 2 so I can’t put the new email address in without losing all the old emails. And this won’t work because you have my old email address that I want to get rid of.

So I signed up again with a different email address just to tell you this. I guess I’ll have to use a different program for my new email address. I think this is rather silly of Emclient. I understand not allowing any more than 2 email addresses unless we pay, but deleting all the emails when the account is deleted is not a very nice thing to do. Sounds like revenge to me. Sorry to go crook. Will you do anything about it? You haven’t for a year.

Yeah that’s exactly what happens… I did it and all my contacts and e-mails were gone. Why not get this fixed. I’d like to save at least my contact… But it tells me to select the contacts to save I do and it just repeats please select the contacts to be saved!

I hope this will be fixed.
I had to delete an account and I did want to keep all the mails and folders.
So I closed eMClient, downloaded all mails using Thunderbird, so I keep them on the computer, then I deleted the account.
But do not follow my example, I’m not sure it is the right way. :slight_smile:

This only applies to IMAP account. Prior to delete an IMAP account, copy everything to local folder first.