Doesn't import address info from outlook 2007 properly

2.5.6507 doesn’t import from outlook correctly. It missed all the address information in contacts, got email addresses, names and phone numbers OK. Not sure about other fields, certainly some comments are def missing. Because of this I haven’t investigated further.

Also I would need it to sync with nokia E52 and a way of sharing calendar/contacts at home. (currently use shareo with outlook)

Not even vaguely useable for me I’m afraid. Shame.

The import worked for me – ALMOST. Contact address fields are OK, but any notes I had entered with my Outlook Contacts are truncated – not sure what eM’s character limit is there. Also, there’s a minor annoyance that eM shows a date of “January 1, 4501” for any/all birthday and anniversary fields that are blank in Outlook. (If they’re not blank, they’re imported OK.)

Finally, ditto the sync issue: I use Sony’s PC Suite to sync with Outlook, and can’t give that up – as much as I’d love to dump Outlook… :frowning: