Doesn't connect to the license server

The eM client v7 displays a message that it cannot connect to the license server for 14 days and goes to offline mode
Pro license for v7
I deactivated the license in the license manager control panel, but I can’t activate it again
Please help me solve this problem

See @Gary post below from the following thread

(Gary’s post)

“eM Client needs to periodically contact the license server to validate your license. If you have a firewall or VPN that is blocking the connection, then eM Client will eventually be disabled”.

“Can you see if these links open in your web browser”:

“No need to login on the pages, just open them”.

“If they don’t open you will need to configure those VPN or firewall applications to allow access to those addresses, then restart eM Client”.

“If you can reach those web pages, but the license server still cannot be reached, then it may be that some apps turned off specific services that are required”.

“Click on the Windows Start button and type Services Open the Services option from the results”.

“Check that both Cryptographic services and CNG Key Isolation are running. If they aren’t, start them”.

Didn’t help me
As a temporary solution, I set the time on the computer back by 2 weeks, opened the emclient and did not close it again
I think this is due to the old version of IE, links do not open in it

What version of Windows do you have ?

I have 3 computers with OS Win 7 Pro that have problems with emcliet license verification

Other computers with OS Win7 don’t have this problem

I have 3 computers with OS Win 7 Pro that have problems with emcliet license verification

Other computers with OS Win7 don’t have this problem

As three computers have the same licensing connection issues, could then be a Lan or Modem / Router issue where something is eg: blocking them regularly reaching the licensing servers.

Are these 3 Win 7 Pro computers on the same network and modem / router connection as your other Win 7 OS computers that do work ?

Yes, all computers are on the same local network and connected through one router

It could be a combination of an old eM Client version and an old OS version.

The biggest issue here is that Windows 7 may have a TLS issue, so it won’t connect to the license server.

First I suggest you fully update Windows 7 including the last service pack that was released. Then you can enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 following Microsoft’s instructions here: Update to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 as default secure protocols in WinHTTP in Windows - Microsoft Support

But also eM Client 7 is out of support from us, and may not have the latest ciphers required to connect to the license server. There are still some supported by Windows 7 but not many.

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I have license server connection issue too. It is eMClient 7.2.5008 and Windows 7 with SHA256 updates and TLS 1.2 enabled.

A couple of other computers with the same eM Client 7.2.5008 amd Win7, the same LAN, the same antivirus SW can communicate with licensing server. I chceked it in license manager.

I suspect the license server may have silently upgraded its encryption protocol.

Same issue on win7 sp1 32bits with em client 7.2.5008. is running on win7 sp1 64bits, but how many time ?

I am stuck on because of a regression with v8. I regret to leave Em Client because of the license protocol.

Thanks for the clues … but …

“Easy fix” registry update installed, KB3140245 patch installed too … and EmClient as the same behaviour on win7.
Maybe it is possible to know exactly what as changed on the license server ?


I am stuck on because of a regression with v8. I regret to leave Em Client because of the license protocol.

If you have done the TLS updates etc as @Gary advised to try in his post above, then the only option you can try is either a eg: clean install of Win 7 “with all the Win 7 service pack updates” etc again, or upgrade to Windows 10.

As @Gary advised Windows 7 is an old OS now, and many things are outdated or have changed… So best to update to minimum Windows 10. You then can run the latest eM Client versions.

I updated a Win 7 to Win 10 about 3 months ago for a friend who had a laptop with no issues. Once updated to Windows 10, I then upgraded eM Client to V8:& then upgraded eM Client to V9 (in that order) and everything is working fine.

Yes her computer is slower to boot & open programs but at least eM Client now works and she also now has no OS security issues either.

Windows 10 also is still supported by Microsoft till October 2025 with OS security updates unlike Windows 7 which ended support January 2020.

Note: If you do try a clean install of Windows 7, backup eM Client 7 first via “Menu / File / Backup” and then copy the eM Client file from your “Documents \ eM Client” folder to an external drive or cloud drive so you can then restore it later after reinstalling Windows.

After eM Client 7 is then reinstalled on Windows 7, copy your eM Client file to the same “eM Client \ Documents” location. Then last open eM Client and skip the setup and restore the backup via “Menu / File / Restore”.Good luck.

You can download all the various versions of eM Client via the release history page.

martes 21 noviembre 2023 :: 1936hrs (UTC +0100)

I have just checked and I can not log into:
1./ License Manager
2./ Support
Using details provided at 21 February 2019

I am using Win 11 Pro & eMC 9.2.2157


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