Does not show my complete imap folder tree in the folder list

My imap folder tree is 4 levels deep.  EMC only shows the upper level.  How can I get the rest?

Hello Gleason,
is there no triagle icon next to your upper level folders to unfold the folder tree?
Could you screenshot the folder structure in eM Client and on your server for me?
What account does this happen on?



Here it is in EMC.  Note that the entire inbox subfolder is missing.  This is not the same as the top level inbox.

Here it is in The Bat.  Fastmail does not provide a good way to display this on their server.  There
are approximately 40 subfolders under Software Group.

The mail provider is Fastmail.  Note the bottom 3 are local folders and Pending is a virtual folder.

Hello Gleason,
I see, we’ll need some logs to see why the information about the Inbox subfolders doesn’t make it to eM Client.

Go to Tools>Settings>Advanced and turn in IMAP logs.
Restart eM Client.
Right-click your account name in the Mail section on the left and choose Properties>Repair.
Click Repair and let the whole account resynchronize.
When the synchronization finishes, go back to advanced settings, click Send logs.
Change the recipient to and add a link to this forum topic to the body of the email.


It turns out that the inbox subfolder was an artifact created by Fastmail, I think.  It has been there a long time and I ignored it because other clients have been able to deal with it.  It did not really exist as a folder on the Fastmail server.  As soon as I removed all the subfolders within it, it disappeared from the Fastmail list.  Problem solved.  Thanks.

Hi Gleason,
the folders have not shown in the IMAP logs either, so we were still trying to see what could cause this, but I’m glad you managed to resolve the issue.