Does emClient support multiple users or profiles?

Does emClient support multiple users or profiles? Older versions of Microsoft Outlook Express and Thunderbird have this support. When the application starts up, it asks which user or profile to use, and then the email account(s) associated with that user become available for use. The purpose of this function is to allow multiple users to share a single email client without having to log into the computer under different usernames (primarily for home use). If this feature is not currently supported, I can re-post it as a suggestion for future improvement. This feature is the only reason that I still recommend Thunderbird to some users. With its dubious future support, it sure would be nice to recommend eM Client to fulfill this need.

Unfortunately, it is not supported at the moment. You can create an idea on this forum and let the users vote for it.

Dera Wilson,
I appreciate that it is not supported at the moment but it is very useful in my way

LIKE…if multiple identities or user profile supports, I can manage one email account in an identity for my office use that every one can access and the other like pvt mail accounts in another identity protected by password so that no one can open or see my pvt mails on the same computer

hi, this can be done by adding second email account, one for the work email second for your home.
It will even have separated calendars and contacts which you would be able (if you will want) to show separately or together.

There is no reason for multiple user profiles, also you can prevent eM Client from being started by setting startup password in settings.


My wife and I share a common machine for Emails.

What could be more perfect then multiple user profiles.

Yes we could make multiple windows accounts but why?  Only thing we need different is Emails

Bob Valentino

Hello multiple user profiles are supported by your windows installation, eM Client is using a database on your windows profile, thus it is not possible to run separate databases for both your wife and you, unless you’d like to change the database location with each user switch.

If you setup a user profile on your computer, eM Client will be able to create a new database for this user on first startup of the application.

We’re however considering improving this option in future releases of eM Client, currently you’d have to restart the application, pointing it to another database before restart in order to load a different application profile, accounts etc.


Is emClient any closer to supporting profiles, it’s been 3 years since this thread was updated. I would love this feature then I share the same computer with my wife.

Still no support for profiles? My wife and I are using the same computers and we want to use eM Client together with own profiles.

Why don’t you just use separate windows profiles?

That’s a good idea. But I used Thunderbird and Outlook before using eM Client and there was no reason to use separate windows profiles. :wink:

Would also like to see this. And can’t see any reason for having to restart the computer or have separate windows profiles to have multiple email profiles. After all, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Eudora have had this feature for years.

There is a way to do it without using separate Windows profiles. If you go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage, you can select a different database. Unfortunately you do need to restart eM Client after selecting a new database.

So, the functionality is there, all we need is a prompt of which database to use when starting.

And yet, people have apparently been asking for this functionality for six years, and they still don’t have it. Unfortunately, it’s a deal breaker for me, as I have multiple email users on one machine, and eM client can’t/won’t support profiles.

The only solution with multiple users on one machine, is to use Windows as it was intended. So separate User Profiles as Jay commented. You still only need one eM Client license per machine, and your users will be much happier using the OS correctly.

In my family everybody has it’s own PC / Laptop. So I don’t need to use multiple user profiles on all machines. I only would like to have the possibility to switch to my email profile in eM Client on every machine. :wink:

So this is more complicated. Using a singe profile across many machines does not ensure that your settings etc will be there. You could store your database on a server, but that will be very slow.

The best solution is to copy your database onto each computer, into a different directory from the one that is already there, then use Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage and change to that one if you need to use it. You will need to change it back again afterwards so the other family member can have their own database back.

That’s a nice workaround. But hopefully devs will include real profile management into eM Client. :slight_smile:

Don’t agree that separate windows profiles solves eM client’s deficiencies. According to MS, most folks don’t use separate windows profiles, so programs have been using some form of profiles for years. As I said several comments ago, Thunderbird, Outlook (an MS product), and way back, Eudora, all use, or used profiles. What’s up with eM?

In any event, there are too many other alternatives available to beat my head against eM. Thanks to you all for your comments. Maybe I’ll check back in six years or so and see if eM has profiles.

Interesting. I would love to see those comments by Microsoft. :slight_smile:

In any event, if one application is not working for you, it is in your best interests to use something else. :wink:

Hello Community,
is em Client right now supporting multiple Profiles like Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook with only ONE Profile on the Windows10 Client ?

I’ve tested the emClient, but if there is no User Profile Management like Thunderbird - it’s not a alternative to switch from thunderbird to emClient (licensed Version) in my mind.