Does eMClient copy Hotmail Folders WITH the email inside, to my hard drive? How, please?

Hello. I just installed eMClient, hoping it would automatically copy (“clone”) all the mail folders in my Hotmail account, and download the contents into the folders. This is a major issue for me. [A] Does anyone know if eMClient can be made to copy folders and mail out of Hotmail or any other email accounts, i.e., gmail? I have carefully filed thousands of emails online for years, I need a way to copy them to my hard drive WITH the folders. [B] Where does eMClient PUT my email on my hard drive when it downloads it. It must be somewhere, but I can’t find it. Thank you.

in the first place please create your Hotmail account and check “Download messages for offline use” in the tab IMAP in the account settings. Wait, until the synchronization is done and then export all your messages to a folder on your hard drive.