Does EMClient 9 have a problem with Yahoo?

Since updating eMClient yesterday lunchtime one of my accounts at has received no new emails. I can view them at Yahoo directly but so far around 20 emails have not made it through to eMClient. I tried reinstalling the Yahoo account today but nothing later than Monday 15th August has appeared yet and it has been synchronising for several hours. Does anyone know what else I can do?


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Really confused now. Received 5 emails from Yahoo on EMClient today. According to Yahoo I should have had 36!


It randomly downloads one or 2 for me also. I wish I had not updated

My other eMClient account on has stopped working this morning. Unlike Yahoo, which continually shows as updating but downloads very little, the Tiscali account shows the red road sign of death indicating a connection error. Is anyone in Prague noticing this correspondence?


Since updating eMClient my accounts at has received no new emails. I can view them at Yahoo directly but no emails will download to my computer. I tried reinstalling emclient and re-configuring it to yahoo mail, yahoo mail tells me that emclient has accessed yahoo and i can send emails through it but not recieve any. I have checked my anti virus and all settings in emclient

I don’t know about message quantities but I keep getting credential warnings, despite not having changed my details. I’m wondering if there’s a timing issue. I’ve seen it before when an EM app is trying to interrogate too many accounts simultaneously.

I only have a Yahoo account, so I don’t know about other servers, but I also am not getting new e-mails downloaded from Yahoo. Sending works OK, and calendar changes are OK. I can’t be certain, but I think the problems started with the latest update.
There are no error messages in my log - it seems to think synchronisation has gone OK.

It was broken for me for my Yahoo email account after upgrading from eM Client 9.0 to 9.1. I found the solution here: E-mails Won't Sync - #2 by clive3. The IMAP server host needs changing to “” for some reason and then it works again.

Thank you, @bgb . That works!

Thanks bgb - seems to work for me too!


Wonderful!! I had tried all I could think of to recover from the latest update - and achieved nothing. Then I found your message, referring to advice from @clive3, which worked like a charm. Thank you so much to both of you.

@bgb - you are a genius! Many thanks, it works again!

eM Client has prompted me to update to 9.2.1222 and that seems to have fixed this issue. After updating I changed the IMAP server host needs back to “” and email syching still worked. As is the official host address it’s probably best to go back to it.

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Seems to be better for me too, although there was one email this morning that did not make it through to EMClient immediately, but appeared in my Inbox several hours late with its original 06:01 timestamp.

I’ll try changing the IMAP address back as you suggest to see what happens.