Does EMC Calendar need Google Calendar to work properly?

One of the reasons I have begun using EMC is to get away from the Google apps Gmail and Google Calendar. Gmail is sorted now and EMC calendar looks good and has picked up all my G Calendar data (except colour coding). My question is: what happens if I stop using G Calendar in favour of EMC calendar and delete all the G Calendar data? Will the data in EMC disappear? Is EMC calendar dependent upon G Calendar? If not, is there an independent Android calendar app that I can use on my smartphone and tablet to sync with EMC calendar so as to dispense with Google altogether?

The short answer is that eM Client is not dependant on Google Calendar.

The longer answer is that if you are viewing your Google Calendar in eM Client, and you delete you Google Calendar, then obviously you will not see anything in eM Client. You have two options for calendars in eM Client; local or online. Local calendars are stored only on your PC and are not synced with anything online, so are not dependant on any provider. Online calendars can be with any provider such as Google, Yahoo, iCloud etc. and the many Exchange server versions like or your company Exchange server or own cloud options.

Goggle is still about one of the best calendars for syncing across devices. But if you want to move away from Google, Fruux is also good and is supported by eM Client, and is another popular choice. There are so many Android calendar apps, and most will allow you to sync with your choice of calendar provider.

You can move your events from one calendar to another; from Google to a local calendar, or from Google to any other online calendar. So if you wanted to move away from Google, you should do that before removing the Google Calendar.

Thanks for that very comprehensive information Gary. Can I save all the calendar data within EMC or must it be done from Google Calendar?

You can do this in eM Client. Right click on your Google calendar and choose Copy Folder. Then select Local Folders as the destination. This will copy the whole Google calendar to your local folders.

Following your instructions, Gary, I get the following boxes. I don’t see a ‘Local Folder’ option.

![]( 155 inline.png?1511718736 “Image:”)

OK, you need to enable them. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings. Select Show Local folders.

Great. Thanks once again.