Does eM support auto forwarding?


Does eM support email auto forwarding? I need to get emails from one account and automatically have them forwarded to another account.

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usually you can setup automatic forwarding online in your account settings of your email.
Other option would be creating a rule for forwarding but that would be applying to your emails only if the eM Client was running.

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Hi, Paul, I am just trying to create rule for forwarding specific e-mail to my Evernote. Can I customize a subject of e-mail? Here is a guide, how Evernote works -

Hi again Jan, this is currently not supported, you could only setup an auto forwarding to a specified email address, but you can’t automatically change the subject of the message.

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Hi, i am looking for the forward on server side through eM client, is it possible ?

Hello Werner,
if you want to forward on the server side, you need to set up the forwarding on your mail server.
eM Client can only resend the message after it pulls it from your Inbox and applies the specified forwarding rule to it.