Does eM Client work with Microsoft 365 Business?

I’ve got eM Client working for all of my emails except for one, which is a Microsoft 365 Business Premium account through my company. I’ve tried setting up the email directly, and also tried importing the settings from Outlook (file - import), but it keeps on getting stuck and asking me for my password. No matter how many times I enter the password, I cannot get past that “Password required for Exchange Web Services”. Des anyone know what’s up?



One thing you can try when setting up an Exchange account is to use the same email address for both the email and user name.

Thanks, Gary. Yeah, tried that, but it didn’t change anything. Is this an issue with MFA?

I don’t know, but app passwords certainly work with eM Client.

Unfortunately Exchange issues are not commonly discussed on this forum, as they are usually with Pro License users so handled directly with Support. Makes it difficult when evaluating a product when there is very little to refer to.