Does em Client support the Exchange Active Sync. protocol????

I just installed em Client. It works well with my private e.mail account. But i can’t connect em Client to my business account. I made the manual setup and entered Domain\User-ID but em-client did not find the account.

An error message pops up (translated from german): “The connection to ‘[email protected]’ failed. The server might be unaccessible or the settings are wrong. Do You like to check the settings?”

My company supports Exchange Active Sync. Does em Client support this protocol?

best regards,


Hi Hans, unfortunately eM Client does not support synchronization of Exchange accounts over ActiveSync, however we do support the Exchange Web Services protocol through which you should be able to synchronize your account.

If EWS is enabled on your server, just use the automatic setup using your email address and password or the manual Exchange setup under Tools > Accounts > New Account > Mail > Exchange.

Hope this helps,