Does eM Client support MyKolab (Kolab) groupware server?

Does eM Client support MyKolab (Kolab) groupware server? I can see the IMAP folders when I setup the account (including contacts, calendars, tasks, etc) but the eM Client contact and calendar do not pickup the proper folders. I was expecting eM Client to integrate like it does with Gmail - I only have to add one account to get my mail, contacts, tasks and calendar. Please advise, thanks.

It does not work because the server does not report that it supports also Calendar and Contacts so you have to create the accounts separately.

Actually the server reports Calendar, Contacts, even Files.

But em Client does not seem to implement the IMAP METADATA RFC and thus does not identify these folders properly. See…

FWIW, the combination of METADATA and libkolab/libkolabxml would make it fairly simple for em Client to be a full Kolab groupware client.

I tried using Kontact K3 (built by the MyKolab Systems) and it is quite unusable by a mere mortal. :confused:

Therefore, I tried to wire-up eM client to a account, but there are a few issues:

1 - eMClient needs to implement local/client side IMAP folder subscriptions. The shared folder causes exceptions on sync. No support for Kolab v3. There are a lot of usless server folders synced otherwise.

2 - Calender and tasks appear to work when setup using (cal/card)DAV URLs, but are a bit confusing because two nested levels of duplicate containers render in eM client.

3 - Contacts sync is broken. I cannot copy and paste contacts from one account to another within eM Client. It also appears a “bad” contact record on the server can cause contact sync exceptions. This is also using the (cal/card)DAV URLs.

Kontact is a rather powerful beast that can do more than even Outlook in some use cases - but over 1000 individual features also bring some complexity. So I fully understand that you prefer a simpler client.

As to the other items, most of this should be implementable for eMClient within a matter of hours to days, definitely not weeks. And Kolab Systems would gladly provide assistance on conceptual level, where desired.

As to #3: This might be something that could also be improved on the server. Could you please reproduce and send some details to

Hi George - You guys are going some great stuff with I’ve attempted my own RoundCube install and plugins, but I just don’t have the time to code these days. :frowning:

Yes, I’ve already engaged your support folks on a few things and they’ve been very helpful and responsive.

Personally, I like the idea of Kontact - it is powerful - but my scenario is finding a simpler client wired-up to a solid “PIM” service such as - and my wife is the perfect UAT participant in this project. It all just has to work with ease of use and simplicity. The only way to ween off the Google teet is to use other pay services which offer similar features and ease of use.

I hope the eM Client devs reach out to you guys on the feasibility in adding Kolab groupware support. Then again, also supports ActiveSync, which I believe is planned for eM Client vNext, but unsure if that is 6.0… I’ll look forward to testing that feature of both eM and in lieu of native Kolab groupware support.


Thanks a lot for the praise - and happy to hear you experience our staff are responsive and helpful. :slight_smile:

Totally understand the desire for a simpler client. It’s one of the drivers for people to use Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning, as well. But we’d be happy if em Client were also to join the group of full Kolab clients: The more, the merrier.

Plus the effort required should be quite manageable. So let’s hope the eM Client support reads this and reaches out.

Meanwhile thank you for choosing!


I am little confused right now but

  1. Subscriptions will be in 6th version.

  2. can you send screenshot of this and CalDAV logs? Tools - settings - advanced, mark off CalDAV under your account, restart eM Client and send me them to:, together with this topic’s address:…

  3. this is server side problem


Thanks for helping us find this issue.

Technical background & fix at…

The fix should be deployed now in, so if you could re-test, @Rockman, that would be awesome.


I can retest this, but I will need testing account, send me it’s credentials to together with this topic’s URL as subejct.

best regards

@John Galis: Awesome. You’ve got mail. :slight_smile:


I ma currently working on this issue with provided testing account, when I will finish then I will post solution or another information here :slight_smile: