Does EM Client resume move operation after the error is resolved?


I tried moving a few hundred messages between folders and got blocked by Microsoft Office 365 Exchange server, probably due to their usage policy. Will EM Client resume the operation after this blockage will be removed?

[Exchange Web Services]Moving item(s) from folder ‘@********.com/MailStore Export/’ to folder '@********.com/Sent’ failed due to the following error: The mailbox database is temporarily unavailable., The process failed to get the correct properties.

Yes does sound like some sort of Microsoft issue. I don’t know it eM Client will resume and you may have to close and re-open eM Client to get the email moving process to resume again.

I would maybe suggest to eg: “login to your email online” and try moving that mail and see if you get stuck as well. If it works ok online, then once completed, close and reopen eM Client.

If you cannot move email online either and also gets stuck, then you would normally need to contact Microsoft via phone or online via the (Microsoft 365 and Office) forum below to fix the issue.

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